...a desire for change...do you have it?


To build a stronger community through athletics, academic achievement and spiritual growth in the lives of both children and youth. 
Vision... To see a broken community made whole through lives transformed.
History... A Desire For Change has been on our hearts for some time. As we live, work, and volunteer in a community that is plagued with crime, violence, and broken families, we decided that change needed to be brought to this community now. Our team started an after school program in a local pool shelter. The toilets were ruined and had not been used since Hurricane Katrina, and the old cement floors were all washed up. We paved the pavement asking for resources to rehab this old pool shelter to give children in our community a safe and clean spot to pray, and do their homework. We cleaned the toilets, painted the walls and with the help of community partners we furnished the shelter with books, rugs, table, chairs and a few games. We are currently providing after school tutoring and will be providing a self-esteem and conflict resolution peer group for young ladies and young men.